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  1. The Original said Coffee
  2. The coffee, or in English coffee comes from the Arabic qahwah, which means power. Then He said coffee that we do not know when it comes from Turkish language that is kahveh and then later to koffie in Dutch language and coffee in English, said was absorbed into the English to coffee.

  3. History of Civet Coffee
  4. Civet coffee is already known since the Dutch colonial era. Its origin cannot be separated from the history of coffee cultivation in Indonesia. In the early 18th century, the Dutch established commercial crop plantations in the Dutch East Indies, especially Java and Sumatra. One of it is the Arabica coffee seeds imported from Yemen. In the era of the slave Cultivation or Cultuurstelsel (1830-1870), Dutch prohibit farm workers (native) picking coffee for their own use. But the natives want to try the famous coffee drinks. Because of their desire plantation workers try to pick coffee beans scattered. In the development the workers found that there is a species of animal that likes to eat the coffee. Only the flesh is digested, the epidermis and the coffee beans remain intact. The coffee beans come out with the civet dung. Coffee beans in civet dung is collected by workers, washed, and then processed using simple equipment. That is the Coffee now called civet coffee. It turns out the civet coffee has a different flavor and extraordinary. News of the civet coffee eventually captured by the Dutch landlord, then the coffee became the craze of the rich Dutch. Because of its scarcity and unusual manufacturing process, civet coffee becomes the most expensive coffee since the Dutch colonial era.

  5. History to disseminate Coffee
  6. Coffee roasted seeds, crushed and will be served. The method torrefaction coffee bean itself has not known when the start, But coffee from central highlands in Ethiopia, at that time is a wild plants in Ethiopia. Coffee from here And in the Arabian Peninsula developed around the eighteenth century 15, a well-known Arabica beans to. Arabica beans currently is a type of coffee are the most has been produced in the world that is reached more than 60 percent coffee production world.

    According to the legend, coffee was found by a young Arabs called Kaldi, a goat herder. He has always been implementing that data on always showed symptoms after biting grain and leaves a green plants. Because curious, he tried to plant seeds and feel stock exchange enthusiasm and joy. Finally the discovery was spread out of the mouth to mouth, since it was born coffee according to the legend in Saudi.

    At the end of 1,610, coffee first planted in India. The Dutch began to learn breeding coffee at the end of 1614. And at the end of 1616, they have succeeded get seeds and coffee and fertile and immediately set up a coffee plantation in Sri Lanka and Java Island (Indonesia) at the end of 1699. And Then by the Dutch, this plant seeds to Dutch colony in Central America such as in Suriname and Caribbean islands. Then the French is also interested in the trade this coffee. They buy seeds coffee from the Netherlands and developed on the Island Réunion the eastern Madagascar. But they failed to develop coffee here. And at the end of 1723, the French trying to develop coffee in the Island of martinique. In 1800s, the plant coffee developed in Hawaii. Later on this plant also developed in Brazil and other areas.

  7. Coffee In the first Until now
  8. Initially coffee is used as food products. Then coffee is used as a replacement for wine. Later on coffee also used as medicine. And when this well-known as a drink coffee that is quite liked by.

    At the outset coffee used as food. All seeds coffee were destroyed, and then added oil. Then circular shaped dough is formed and food. Until this time, a number of tribes in Africa are still consume coffee in the form as it. Recently, coffee is used as a replacement drink wine. Coffee Bean made as a drink that is similar with wine. Some people make drinks like this with empty coffee bean boiling water to that have dried up.

    As the drug, coffee can be useful to treat migraines, headache, impaired heart, chronic asthma and urinating. Even so, for coffee consumption could cause detrimental excess. Coffee consumption If a belebih can improve gastric acid, led to tensions, and speed up his heartbeat. In addition, excessive consumption of coffee, is often associated with gastric pain.

    Recently, coffee is used as a drink that is quite delicious. Coffee Bean dried and then it is roasted and beaten in coconut shell. The results are then able to drink coffee. More recently found Grinding machine coffee bean that make it easier for coffee production as a drink.


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