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How to serve Civet Coffee

  • Heat the water to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.
  • When the water boil wait for about 5 minutes, before pouring hot water, enter into the cup the coffee powder and sugar first.
  • Pour water and stir until well blended, take the filter and pour into a glass that has been prepared.
  • To reduce a little bitter taste you can add a little salt, and stir until well blended.
  • Now, the coffee ready to be served and enjoyed.

How to serve Moka Pot

Mocha pot is more complicated than the Syphon. This tool generates espresso, because it involves heat and pressure to release the essence of coffee. Put the water into a vessel of water at the bottom. Put coffee powder into the filter, and then linked to the pitcher on it. Moka pot is then placed on top of the stove, so the coffee will go up to the pitcher because of the pressure. Coffee produced by moka pot generates a stronger bitter taste. If you want to make espresso coffee, do not need to buy an espresso machine, using a moka pot is enough. Moka pot has a dose in the form of a few cups. Moka pot to 2 cups of coffee, meaning that if the filter is filled with the coffee powder so moka pot can produce 2 cups of coffee

How to serve With Syphon Coffee

Syphon is first created by Scottish submarine scientist named Robert Napier. This tool utilizes the vacuum space that is created when an empty and close vehicle is heated. Water is heated in the vessel on the bottom at a temperature low enough (about 75-85 C) rose to the top of the vessel to mix with coffee powder, mixed briefly, and then pulled back into the vessel on the bottom caused by the pressure which formed therein.

Syphon coffee is coffee burning tool by using glass tube containing water, when the water vaporize, the vapor flowed into the glass tube at the top, mixed with coffee powder. After coffee powder and boiling water was mixed in the vessel on the bottom, and then the water fall back down into the lower vessel. After that, the coffee poured into the cup and ready to drink. The water boil in the glass tube is 90 Celsius degree. Syphon way takes about 10 minutes.

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