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Kopi Luwak Global

Civet Coffee Peaberry

Another name of Luwak Peaberry coffee is male civet coffee. Luwak peaberry coffee include extraordinary coffee, because it comes from rare coffee which occurs as a result of anomalous fertilization, genetic disorders, and irigation so the beans of peaberry coffee is single-rounded resembling a nut (pea) with smaller size than other coffee. Luwak peaberry coffee also including the special coffee with superrior quality, because the originally nutrients for two flattened seeds used by the single bean coffee.

In quantity, Luwak peaberry coffee is limited, it is about 3-10% from the number of cherries in a tree that consumed and fremented of mongoose. The sorting process of Luwak peaberry coffee is done using screen grader and continued manually sorting with wearing human hands, so that the result to be more maximal and perfect.

In quantity, Civet peaberry coffe above in general civet coffee. The aroma and taste of Civet Peaberry coffee really feels special and perfect. Therefore, it is very appropriate if we call Civet Peaberry coffee as Excellent civet coffee. Moreover, plus a growing belief in the community that coffee can increase the vitality of men.


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