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Civet coffee benefit

Some civet coffee benefit from consuming is:

  1. To prevent a kidney stone affected
  2. According to experts researchers that took place at the Harvard, they have to do research on coffee, and eventually they announced that for those who want to drank less than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, it means that they have to reduce the risk of contracting attacks of disease kidney stones of 25 percent, this research also encouraged by some of the experts researchers that spread in the world for other.

  3. Affected by the disease To Reduce the risk diabetes type II up to 50%
  4. By consuming some cups of coffee in one day it turns out that there is also useful to socially distance themselves so that it will not infect type 2 diabetes, this was in no biblical basis by contains amino clorogenics that there are in coffee. Contains amino clorogenics plays a role to slow down the level of sugar absorption on the digestive system body. Besides the function to slow down the absorption glucose levels , the amino clorogenics is also useful to help the process of the formation of GLUCAGON-like PEPTIDE-1, chemical GLUCAGON-like PEPTIDE-1 can increase insulin in the body.

  5. To prevent cancer
  6. Coffee consumption around 2-3 cup in a day, to reduce their risk of contracting cancer disease, But cancer diseases that can be overturned is cancer, bowel cancer.

  7. To prevent heart disease and stroke
  8. Consume coffee in fact, not to increase a person's risk-affected people heart disease and stroke. In fact in contrast, with coffee consumption can prevent and reduce the risk  a person are affected by stroke.

  9. Drinking coffee can protect their hearts of cirrhosis
  10. Coffee is also able to protect our organs (heart) from the attack cirrhosis.

  11. Prevent disease nerves
  12. A Drunkard coffee bercafein are less likely to  develop Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Contains antioxidants in coffee aka to prevent damage cells that are associated with Parkinson's disease. while cafein will hamper inflammation in the brain, which are often associated with Alzheimer's disease.

  13. To prevent bladder stones
  14. Bladder stones grew when lender in bags bile ensnare the crystals cholesterol Xanthine, which is found. cafein, will reduce the lender and risk dies. Two cups of coffee or more each day will help this process.


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