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About Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee) is a type of processed coffee with a base material derived from the best coffee beans that have been eaten by and passed through the mongoose digestive tract then out again with their droppings. Coffee beans that came out with the civet droppings in the form of clumps of elongated and consists of coffee beans mixed with mucus, which previously had undergone a process of fermentation in the mongoose stomach. Impurities are then cleaned by washing until the remaining coffee beans really clean. One thing that is need to be considered when washing is to ensure that the coffee beans have been completely clean and free of mucus and other impurities. Further step is drying coffee beans using full sun or also known as full sun drying, so the coffee beans that have been dried completely become into the civet coffee beans.

Acid content in civet coffee is relatively low so that it is safe for ulcer patients. The content of caffeine in civet coffee is also quite low so it is not so dangerous for people with heart problem to drink it. Low protein content in civet coffee makes this a great choice to support a low-protein diet. There is no doubt about the taste of civet coffee, it has a taste that is not so bitter and presenting incredible pleasure with a higher consistency. The content of proteolytic enzymes produced from the fermentation process in the mongoose stomach provides a distinctive scent. Another advantage of civet coffee is able to improve the performance of the brain, so for people who consume it regularly may reduce the risk of senility or Parkinson. One more thing, civet coffee can also increase vitality and stamina, especially for men. So what are you waiting, if you have the ability to buy this coffee, immediately get civet coffee.


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